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C-YUFEISU--Coated Phytosterols and Acidifier
    Publish time 2023-07-03 10:32    
C-YUFEISU--Coated Phytosterols and Acidifier

Product Name: Animal natrients--feed additives-coated slow-release growth substance-coated phytosterols and acidifier.

                         Brand Name: C-YUFEISU


C-YUFEISU is made of selected tor oil extract, guanidinium acetic acid, chromium niacin, etc., after hot melting, Shear and emulsification, cooling spray coating. The product has high uniformity, good stability, and can be slowly released in the intestine release. Several clinical trials have shown that fattening element CT significantly promotes growth in animals in the fattening period Reduce the meat ratio, improve the meat quality effect. In the feed raw materials upsurge, breeding to reduce resistance requirements, can be breeding Household efficiency increase and cost reduction will bring more economic benefits.



Coated Tor oil extract, guanidinium acetic acid, chromium niacin, hydrogenated vegetable oil, emulsifier, seaweed gum, etc.


Action Mechanism:

1. Tol oil extract, whose main component phytosterols act on the liver to promote insulin-like growth factors Son release, play the role of steroid hormones, promote protein synthesis. At the same time, sterols can increase Strong mitochondrial antioxidant enzyme activity suppresses the expression of proinflammatory factors and plays an anti-inflammatory effect.

2, guanidinoacetic acid: guanidinoacetic acid is the precursor material of creatine, containing the phosphate of high phosphate group transfer potential energy Creatine is widely found in muscle, nerve tissue, and is the main energy supply material in the muscle tissue of animals. The application of guanidinium acetate to the animal will produce a large amount of phosphate group transfer material (phosphate creatine), Thus powering the muscle tissue to work efficiently and promoting the continuous distribution of energy to the muscle tissue, Can reduce muscle breakdown.

3, Chromium niacin: it is a chelate formed by niacin and trivalent chromium ions, which is the glucose tolerance factor GTF Key components, which can enhance the activity of insulin, are involved in protein synthesis and sugar, fat, nucleic acids Metabolism, reduce the content of cholesterol and fat in the body, which can improve the lean meat rate, improve the meat quality. The organic combination of the three main components, combined with the embedded coating technology, the product is effective Ingredients are not lost during high temperature production, storage and use, and are slowly released in the gut, more Effective improvement of animal production performance.


Nutrients content: 

Phytodiol  8%, guanidinium acetic acid  30%, and chromium 0.2-0.4g/kg.



1, Continuous and steady improvement of animal growth hormone level with slow release acetic acid, can significantly promote protein synthesis, daily weight increase 15-20%.

2, Anti-oxidative stress, inhibit inflammatory response, improve animal immunity to improve group health, reduce meat ratio of 5-10%.

3, Animal hair bright, ruddy skin color. 

4, Improve slaughter rate, meat color bright red, muscle hydraulic is significantly enhanced.



Usage and dosage(gram/ton complete feed recommended ):

This product can be used for all animals in the growth and fattening period, including livestock and poultry, aquatic products and special breeding animals.

Growth and fattening swine: 250 g/t

Growth and fattening beef: 500 g/t

Growth and fattening sheep: 250 g/t

Lactation period animals: 500 g/t

Broiler Chicken:100 g/t

Fishes: 250g/t

Shrimps and crabs: 500 g/t


This product is less added and needs to be premixed in use step by step; the product will melt at high temperature, but does not affect the stability of the effective ingredients of the product, and the active ingredients will not be separated from the packaging material, so high temperature granulation does not affect its use efficiency


Storage: Store in a well ventilated, dry, rodent free, and pollution-free place

Shelf Life: 18 months, in original sealed packaging.

Packaging: Net Weight:20kg/carton, with waterproof PE inner bag.