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C-BENESS--Coated Benzoic Acid and Essential Oil
    Publish time 2023-07-03 10:35    
C-BENESS--Coated Benzoic Acid and Essential Oil


Brand name: C-BENESS


Benzoic acid and thymol are considered as one of the most economical and effective additive products in AGP free diet. Benzoic acid, due to its strong lipophilicity, can enter the microbial cell through the cell membrane, interfere with the permeability of microbial cell membranes, hence inhibit the uptake of nutrients like amino acids.  Benzoic acid molecules entering the cell body can ionize and acidify the alkali stored in the cell thus inhibiting the activity of cellular respiratory system enzymes’ function, e.g. preventing the effectiveness reaction of acetyl coenzyme A, thus effectively inhibiting pathogenic gram-negative bacteria and gram-positive bacteria.


The main functions of benzoic acid in feed are as follows:

1, Anti-mold and anti-corrosion, hence extending the shelf life of feed;

2, Providing lower pH to suppress pathogenic bacterial proliferation thus reducing young animal diarrhea incidences;

3, Improving animal overall production performances;

4, Reducing the ammonia concentration in the breeding house, reducing the occurrence of respiratory diseases, etc..


However Benzoic acid will have some disadvantages below if it is in flaky form:

1,It is volatile and has irritating smell, it rapidly sublimates at 100 ℃, causing highly irritating gas which can cause allergy to humans and animals especially respiration irritation coughing after inhalation;

2, benzoic acid with PKa=4.2, which will not be completely dissociated into ionic state in the animal stomach but benzoic acid will be completely dissolved, and the dissolved benzoic acid will be neutralized by bile acid salts or quickly absorbed when passing through the duodenum, hence It is difficult to play an antibacterial effect in the small intestine;

3,The rapidly dissolved benzoic acid is more easily absorbed by the body, causing blood sugar to rise and inhibiting food intake.


Thymol is one of the main components of antium, which is isomeric with carvacrol and has similar antibacterial mechanism and effect. The hydroxyl group on the benzene ring has a strong antioxidant effect and has an anti-inflammatory and dysentery effect in animals. However, thymol also has a bad taste, poor palatability, and is easily absorbed at the front end of the digestive tract. When the concentration in the blood is too high, it will cause feeding inhibition.


C-BENESS are benzoic acid and thymol as the main core material, with appropriate amount of emulsifier, flavor modification, antibacterial agent, enteric packaging material through hot melting, homogeneous emulsification, cooling spray and other multiple processes. Compared with traditional benzoic acid and essential oil powder , C-BENESS granules can be slowly released in the digestive tract, and benzoic acid and essential oil cooperate in antibacterial, so as to more effectively inhibit the reproduction of harmful intestinal bacteria, improve animal intestinal health and promote animal growth.


Main Ingredients:

Benzoic acid, thymol, hydrogenated vegetable oil, emulsifier, seaweed gum, etc.



Physical Characteristics: 

White to light yellow granule, size of 60-20 mesh, no bad stimulation taste, good fluidity, not easy to block.


Product analysis value: 

Benzoic acid ≥ 35%, Thymol 2%, Water ≤ 5%.


Product advantage:

1, small fineness, suitable for grower and finisher animal and also suitable for small crushed, young livestock, poultry, aquatic products and special breeding animals, pets;

2, benzoic acid and essential oil thymol, fennel oil and other organic combination, no stimulation, good palatability;

3, slow release in the digestive tract, more effective inhibition of intestinal harmful bacteria, reduce diarrhea;

4, improve the activity of digestive enzymes, promote animal growth, improve feed remuneration;

5. Antioxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and improve the health level of animal groups.


Usage and dosage(gram/ton complete feed):

Poultry: 200~300 g/t

Ruminant: 1000~2000 g/t

Pets: 500~1000 g/t

Shrimps: 2000~3000 g/t

Common freshwater fishes: 1000~1500 g/t

Special aquatic fishes: 2000~30000 g/t


Storage: Store them in ventilated, dry, pollution-free places.


Shelf Life: 24 months, in original sealed packaging.


Packaging: Net Weight:20kg/bag,  Nylon bag with waterproof PE inner.