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C-BENCID--Coated Benzoic Acid 85% Granules
    Publish time 2023-03-06 14:57    
C-BENCID--Coated Benzoic Acid 85% Granules

Product Name: Coated Benzoic Acid 85%----Intestinal Regulating Acidifier

Brand Name: C-BENCIDTM

Feed acidifier is considered as one of the most economical and effective additive products in AGP free diet. Benzoic acid, due to its strong lipophilicity, can enter the microbial cell through the cell membrane, interfere with the permeability of microbial cell membranes, hence inhibit the uptake of nutrients like amino acids.  Benzoic acid molecules entering the cell body can ionize and acidify the alkali stored in the cell thus inhibiting the activity of cellular respiratory system enzymes’ function, e.g. preventing the effectiveness reaction of acetyl coenzyme A, thus effectively inhibiting pathogenic gram-negative bacteria and gram-positive bacteria.


The main functions of benzoic acid in feed are as follows:

1, anti-mold and anti-corrosion, hence extending the shelf life of feed;

2, Providing lower pH to suppress pathogenic bacterial proliferation thus reducing young animal diarrhea incidences;

3,Improving animal overall production performances

4,Reducing the ammonia concentration in the breeding house, reducing the occurrence of respiratory diseases, etc..


However Benzoic acid will have some disadvantages below if it is in flaky form:

1, It is volatile and has irritating smell, it rapidly sublimates at 100 ℃, causing highly irritating gas which can cause allergy to humans and animals especially respiration irritation coughing after inhalation;

2,Benzoic acid with PKa=4.2, which will not be completely dissociated into ionic state in the animal stomach but benzoic acid will be completely dissolved, and the dissolved benzoic acid will be neutralized by bile acid salts or quickly absorbed when passing through the duodenum, hence It is difficult to play an antibacterial effect in the small intestine;

3, The rapidly dissolved benzoic acid is more easily absorbed by the body, causing blood sugar to rise and inhibiting food intake.


C-BENCID is made by special multiple coating techniques of benzoic acid processed in slow-release material that can sustain with GI enteric environment. Laboratory testing model shows that the average dissolution rate of C-BENCID in the stomach for 2 hours is 35%, and that in the intestine for 8 hours is more than 98%. Therefore, C-BENCID is a high-quality slow-release intestinal acidifier that can function very well to inhibit the rapid reproduction of harmful intestinal microbial and improve the intestinal health of animals.


The main ingredientsBenzoic AcidPalm Oil,  Alginate, etc..
Product analysis value:  Benzoic acid 84%  Water 5%.



Product advantage   

No inrritating smell, good palatability

slow release promoting digestion and feed intake

65% intestinal release, low dosage, antibacterial and preventing diarrhea

Flaky benzoic acid

inrritating odourpoor palatability

Rapid entering the blood system, increasing blood sugar, inhibiting feed intake

         poor intestinal antibacterial,large dosage  

Experimental results:

Test 1, The 2 hours dissolution rate of C-BENCID and a coated 40% benzoic acid in the stomach environment 

The experimental results of gastric dissolution rate showed that most >65%) of the benzoic acid in our C-BENCID could pass through the stomach to the intestinal tract and play a bacteriostatic role.

Test 2, The dissolution rate of C-BENCID compared to a market coated 40% benzoic acid in intestinal environment.


Our C-ENCID contains 85% benzoic acid, which can pass most of the gastric acid to the intestinal tract, and slowly release benzoic acid in the intestinal tract. Benzoic acid dissolves 91% in the intestinal tract in 6 hours, and almost completely dissolves in 8 hours. The data fully shows that the rice acid can be slowly released to play a bacteriostatic role in the intestinal environment and maintain intestinal health.

Usage and dosage: It is recommended to use C-BENCID with the amount of 12.5 to replace the normal benzoic acid raw material.

Kg/ton complete feed recommended:

Piglet: 1.0~2.0kg

Growth and fattening Swine: 0.5~0.8kg

Sow: 0.5kg

Poultry: 0.3~0.4kg

Storage: Keep in dry and well-ventilated warehouse, avoid direct sunlight. 
Shelf life24 months from manufacturing date, in original sealed packaging.
Packaging specification: 25 kg/bag. Nylon bag with waterproof PE inner bag.