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C-CUFATE--Coated Copper Sulfate
    Publish time 2023-05-17 10:29    
C-CUFATE--Coated Copper Sulfate


Brand name: C-CUFATE


Main Ingredients: copper sulfate, seaweed gum, palm oil.


The advantage of the Coated Sulphate Copper:

1 The coated copper sulfate is stable in the air, stabilizing the beneficial bacteria, enzymes, vitamins, oils and other nutrients in the feed, without any destructive effect;

2 No pungent odor, reduce the bitter taste, palatability is improved;

3 Keeping the ionic state of copper in copper sulfate can better play the antibacterial and growth-promoting effect of copper ion.


Usage and dosage: 

1, Suckling pig, nursery pig, piglet complete feed (piglet weight 25kg);

2,it must comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, and shall not exceed 0.6kg per ton.



Keep in dry and well-ventilated warehouse, avoid direct sunlight.


Shelf life: 

18 months, in original sealed packaging.


Packaging specification

20kg/bag. Nylon bag with waterproof PE inner