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How to manage and protect weaned piglets
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2023-03-06 | 291 Views | Share:

1、 Selection of weaned piglets
The weaned piglets are at the stage of growth and development, and their production performance has not been fully demonstrated. When selecting the weaned piglets for breeding, they should choose the individuals with their parents' quality * *, the number of piglets in the same litter, and the significant weaning litter. For pigs, those who are tall, smooth, active, have a strong appetite, healthy and disease-free should be selected.
2、 Reasonable grouping
After weaning, the piglets shall be raised in the original pen for 10-15 days. When the piglets' food and feces are normal, they shall be grouped according to their sex, size, and eating speed. The individual weight difference shall not exceed 3 kg. The piglets with small weight and weak body should be grouped separately and carefully cared for.
3、 Create a comfortable environment
The weaned pigsty must be sunny, warm (around 22 ℃), clean and dry. Before the weaned piglets enter the circle, the circle shall be thoroughly cleaned and thoroughly disinfected with 2% caustic soda water, and then the mixed bedding of soil and hay shall be paved to create a comfortable small environment for the weaned piglets, which is conducive to their growth and development.
4、 There is enough floor space and feeding trough
The floor area of weaned piglets should be 0.5~0.8 square meters per head, and generally about 10 pigs per group. There should be enough food trough and sink so that each piglet can eat and drink enough without competing for food.
5、 Careful training
Training piglets to defecate, feed and sleep at three points, focusing on the training of fixed-point excretion of feces and urine. The breeder should coax the pigs regularly every day, that is, using the method of combining whip driving and simultaneous whistling. After the pigs form conditioned reflex, only whistling pigs will automatically go to the outside of the circle to defecate and urine. Generally, positioning can be formed after one week of training.