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ANBEN-- Benzoic Acid 99.5% flake
    Publish time 2023-03-14 11:54    
ANBEN-- Benzoic Acid 99.5% flake

ANBENTM ---------------------Feed Grade Benzoic Acid 99.5%

Intestinal Regulating Acidifier

In the non resistant feed formula, the feed acidifier is considered to be one of the most economical and effective additive products. Benzoic acid, due to its strong lipophilicity, is easy to enter the cell body through the bacterial cell membrane, interfere with the permeability of bacterial and fungal cell membranes, and inhibit the absorption of amino acids by the cell membrane. Benzoic acid molecules entering the cell body can ionize and acidify the alkali stored in the cell, inhibit the activity of cell respiratory enzyme system, and prevent the condensation reaction of acetyl coenzyme A, thus effectively inhibiting gram-negative bacteria and gram-positive bacteria.

The main functions of benzoic acid are as follows: 1,anti mildew and anti-corrosion, extending the shelf life of feed; 2,Acidizing, antibacterial, reducing animal diarrhea; 3, improving animal production performance: 4,reducing the ammonia concentration in the breeding house, reducing the occurrence of respiratory diseases, etc.. 

The raw material of benzoic acid is applying to be the core material of the coated benzoic acid or directly to be the animal feed adititives as the acidification agent.



Grade Standard: Feed grade, this product meets the feed hygiene standard.

Appearance: white color small flakes

The main ingredients:Benzoic Acid

Product analysis value:  Benzoic acid ≤ 99.5%, Melting Point 121-123℃, Oxidizable substances testing passed, Heavy metals Pb ≤ 0.001%,As ≤ 2PPM, Chloride Compounds Cl ≤ 0.014%, Moisture≤0.5%,Phthalic Acid ≤ 100PPM, Biphenyl ≤ 100PPM.


Usage and dosage: It is recommended to use 3--5 kilograms per ton of swine complete feed, or as the product manual instruction.


Storage method: Sealed and dry, avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life:24 months with original sealed packaging 

Packaging specification: 25 kg/bag.


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